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The Core of Chinese Culture

In the 5,000 years civilization historical long river of China, what is the core of traditional Chinese culture? About this question, I can only answer, traditional Chinese culture is extensive and profound, its contain function is very strong. The Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism made great contributions to Chinese culture in the long course. Through absorbed their strong point, Chinese culture had formed a core concept gradually, it is “和为贵” thought. Translate into English,its meaning is “和is more precious”.

“和” is Chinese character. Such a Chinese character includes the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture. I can’t find any word that can translate it accurately in English, because it includes too much meaning. “和” translate into English, its meaning is harmony, peace, amalgamation, friendship, kindness, harmonization… There is a common ground. That’s seeking the harmony between people and people, the harmony of people and the society, harmonization of people and nature.

Traditional Chinese culture includes very abundant content. “和为贵” is the core of the Chinese culture. China develops pacifically today; peace diplomatic policy; harmony social concept; harmonization world stand. All these have reflected “和为贵” traditional Chinese culture thought.
Chinese culture main part thought is the Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism thought. The common stand of their thought is humanity, peace, harmony. This kind of “和为贵” thought has already influenced Chinese people for several thousand years.

Chinese culture has super strong absorption and integration. It can always merge other countries and national culture, just as snowballing. Traditional Chinese culture absorbs and merges the quintessence of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Western culture was introduced to China in Qing Dynasty. Chinese culture merged western culture again.

Chinese culture doesn’t have invading nature. But if any kind of culture meets Chinese culture, will be melted and absorbed by it. This is glamour of Chinese culture.

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