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Seven Sequential Steps In Writing Strokes of Calligraphy

In Chinese calligraphy Handwriting, There is a proper sequence in the writing of strokes, with seven steps in the sequence.

The sequence in writing strokes was developed after long experience in calligraphy. The proper sequence facilitates writing. There are, however, exceptions to the rule. In the character you may write the dot first or last. Both are right. Another example is the character . You write the dash, or horizontal stroke, first, but how should you write the strokes below the dash: and.

According to the rule, from left to right, proper sequence should be: .However, if you write like this: , it allows the blank sqace to be more evenly divided and looks more beautiful. In writing such characters you may be flexible. You don't have to follow the sequence of left stroke first, right stroke second.

Take another example: the character . In running script in perpendicular lines you write the left-falling stroke first, followed by the dash, or horizontal stroke. You then write . The order is as follows: .

When writing in horizontal lines, you write the dash, or horizontal stroke, first and add the left-falling stroke afterwards. The order is . Be practical. Facility comes first. You should follow the rules of sequence, but in doing so be flexible.

  • 1.Three parts from upper to lower
  • 2.Three parts from left to right 
  • 3.Three parts, first in the middle, then from left to right
  • 4.Horizontal stroke(s) first, perpendicular stroke later
  • 5.left-falling stroke first, right-falling stroke later
  • 6.Outside strokes first, inside strokes later
  • 7.Most of outside strokes first, then inside stroke(s), finally bottom stroke

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