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A Report of Zhongtiao Mountain Gigantic Stone Ancient Seal Character “水” - Bringing Benefits to Modern Society

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A Report of Zhongtiao Mountain Gigantic Stone Ancient Seal Character “水”
I、 An Introduction to Character-laying Project
Ⅱ、Measurement and Calculation of Work Amount
Ⅲ、An Introduction to Chief Creators
Ⅳ、Realistic and Far-reaching Historical Significance
Bringing Benefits to Modern Society
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(ⅱ)Bringing Benefits to Modern Society

The huge seal character “水”---the origin of life and wisdom, is laid in the northern foot of Zhontiao Mountain, the south of Salt Lake, facing each other with Yuncheng across the lake. The southern ring highroad and special tour lines run from the mountain, confronting with the near and far Haizhou Great Guan Temple, Changping Great Guan Temple, Great Guan Grave, and Great Guan Film City. The works with the prominent white color against the dark green mountain has become the new neighbor in the circle of Great Guan culture unfading thousand years, and added the smart and elegant view to the Yuncheng(Lucky City)

In order to build up the water culture brand and create the ecoloigcal civilization in the new century, the water project aims to publicize the water culture and construct the base of water culture with the expectation that the project will bring great benifits to the present and future generations and achieve the sustainable development of human society.

(ⅲ)Concerning the World Future

Water is regarded as the milk to feed human beings. Without the feeding of water, there would be no multiplication of life; without the water, the world would be a dead homeland. The world is full of vigor because of the water. However, as the increasing demand to water, the problems such as lack of water resource, water contamination, and destruction of water environment have been becoming more and more serious, which contributes to the crisis of water resource, water environment, and water ecology. 

Ding Shimei Jumbo Scenery Cursive Script Banner, Qinyuanchong,Changsha

The authoritative institutions at home and abroad claims that there are 1.38billion cubic meters water in the earth, of which the salt water accounts for 97.5% and the fresh water takes only 2.5%. 87 percent of fresh water is unable to be used by human beings because they are ice sheets in the two poles, mountain glaciers, and ice and snow water in the frozen ground. The fresh water that is used by human beings is partially ground water and the water in lakes and rivers, which accounts for 0.26% of the world water. Therefore, the resource of fresh water is rather limited. Yet in China, there are totally 2.8 trillion cubic meters, ranking the sixth in the world, while the per capita occupancy is 2340 cubic meters, which takes one quarter of the world per capita occupancy, ranking the world one hundred and ninth, so China is listed as one the 13 water deficient countries. In China, the per capita occupancy of water in 18 provinces (autonomous regions and municipality directly under the central government) is lower than the national average level.

Shanxi is the most deficient province of water resourse in China. According to the media’s data, in the early May of 2009, there were 30million Mu land waiting for the irrigation, the drought area reached to 8.15million Mu, and the land lack of moist was 22.50million Mu, so millions of people and livestocks are in the thirsty state. Yuncheng is the most important base of grains and crops, but the water occupancy per capita and per Mu is the least. Because of the long-term exploration to the underground water, over one thousand square kilometer areas have formed the cone of influence. The lowering of the central underground water level reached to over 100 meters, the deepest in the province and even in China. 

The national wide shortage of water resource contributed to the over-extraction of underground water in many cities. Moreover, the serious water pollution has not been solved thoroughly, so it is extremely difficult to appraise the destruction of water environment and water ecology, but the negative effects have been obvious. There is nothing new in fighting for the water resource. The limit of water resource in the earth neither meets the demand of capitalism infinite extension nor ensures the communism’s distribution according to needs. The UN’s research on the drinking water issue demonstrated that there are about more than 1 billion people who can’t drink the water suitable to sanitary standards, and some children died early because of the low quality of drinking water; the death number reached to Tens of thousands everyday. International Drinking Water Association declared that there are annually 25milion children aged under 5 who died of the polluted water.

In the sixteenth “World Water Day”, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moona called on that World Water Day is in the International Environment Sanitary Year, which encourages us to take actions to deal with the crisis which has influenced the one third population in the earth by uniting all the forces(one third of population are confronted with the trouble of water shortage, which comes 20 years earlier than what we predicted ).

Facing such a serious water crisis in the world and the energy, economy, ecology, crisis brought by the industry civilization, artists should make some significant contributions to reality, society, and human beings so as to call on the people to concern the harmonious development between human and nature, human and society, and human and themselves. The mainstreams of five thousand years Chinese traditional culture: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism concentrate on the harmony and unify of human and nature, at its simplest, one word “moderateness”--- with the implication of unlimited life wisdom, with the universal value. For all the human activities, the crisis won’t occur if being proper.

Translation by:Li Juanfang 

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