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Back Masterpiece Ding Shimei——Chinese calligrapher

Ding Shimei——Chinese calligrapher



Ding Shimei

Ding Shimei——Chinese calligrapher

Mr.Ding Shimei is a Chinese calligrapher, he born in Zuoyun County, Shanxi Province, China. Zuoyun is a famous ancient cultural city.

Mr.Ding Shimei has been working in Zuoyun for a long time. He work about Literature, calligraphy, and be a Writer, calligrapher, Dean of Aries College. Mr.Ding Shimei also be Contracted calligrapher for"Calligraphy News", be a Member of Shanxi Writers Association, be a member of Shanxi Calligraphers Association, honorary member of Taiwan (Chinese Calligraphers Association)... He successively studied at the Lu Xun Literature College, Peking University Art College, Calligraphy Research Institute.

Mr.Ding Shimei has Study calligraphy of Ji Xianlin, Ye Lang, Wang Zengqi, Lin Jinlan, Liu Yi, Wang Yuechuan, Wang Yichuan and many other famous Confucian scholars. Mr.Ding Shimei Published various literary works writing More than 600,000 words that have been published in newspapers and periodicals. Mr.Ding Shimei study calligraphy of the famous masters and various for Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Shang and Zhou dynasties and gold, and pursued the ancient times. Calligraphy works have participated in professional exhibitions at home and abroad many times. Among them, they have participated in three calligraphy and art exhibitions in China, Japan and South Korea, and have won many awards.



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