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Published Chinese Calligraphy showreel - Ding Shimei Calligraphy

Published Chinese Calligraphy showreel - Ding Shimei Calligraphy

Published Chinese Calligraphy showreel - Ding Shimei Calligraphy

Price:  18$

Member Price: 16$

Publisher: China International Culture Press Limited

ISBN 988-97357-7-6

Published Date: 2007 8, First edition first printing

Author: Ding Shimei

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Author Resume

Chinese Calligrapher: Ding Shimei

Ding Shimei (Chinese: 丁仕美), Born in 1960AD, Youyu County of Shanxi province, is a Chinese Calligrapher, Learning Chinese Calligraphy since childhood, start from Tang Dynasty Regular Script , Wuei Tablet inscriptions of the Northern Dynasties (386-581), Running Script, Cursive Script, Broad research Masterpieces of Chinese Calligraphy history, especially work hard on Oracle Bone Script & Bronze Script.

In the earlier nineties of last century he studies in Lu Xun Institute of Literatures and Arts, Beijing. Follow and teaches by Ji Xianlin(Chi Hsien-lin), Wang Cengqi,Liu Yun, Ye Lang etc 50 masters of Chinese culture.

Ding Shimei has been invited several times to Japan, Taiwan & South Korea for Art exchange visit, his calligraphy artwork was concerned by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. His Calligraphy & philosophy of "Advanced every day" were reported by “Guangming Daily”, “People’s Daily” and other important media in China.

He have one published literature(Chinese Calligraphy showreel): Ding Shimei Calligraphy. In addition, his various literatures work with more than 500,000 characters & won literaryaward for 5 times.

Chinese Calligrapher: Ding Shimei

Now he is the Honorable Member of Chinese Calligrapher's Association (ROC), commissioner of Chinese Calligraphy Institute, etc...

His Calligraphy also assessed by “China Collection” magazine as “The most valuable Calligrapher of China”.


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